Connect and Engage

Collaborate, Communicate and Engage to Win!


What’s in the prize box?…For starters, a $250 gift card, plus complimentary registration and 2 nights at Green Valley Resort when you attend SMASH in 2021.  There will be some additional fun items, but you’ll see clues throughout the week as to”what’s in the box”. There will be one prize given each day for the most active provider participant

If you’re the “Engager in Chief”, that day, YOU WIN!

HOW DO YOU WIN?Easy.  Be the most engaged Provider/Operator on any given day, through participating with the SMASH Community. Spread the word on Social Media. Talk with thought-leading  Solution Partners. Attend Sessions, Workshops and Keynote Presentations. Ask Questions. Make Comments. Join the Discussion Forum.  Attend the Birds of Feather Roundtables! And Win!

(EXTRA Bonus points for interacting with SMASH Solution Partners!)

  • We will compile the information at the close of the conference, (we’ve got some tallying to do!..) We’ll let you know you’ve won, 1 week after SMASH.

We know you love to share, meet and greet. We’re rooting for you!

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