Why Attend

SMASH: Reason to Attend

Enjoy Conference Nirvana


Sales and Marketing Experts from inside and outside the industry. Thought-provoking themes. Forward leaning trends.

Marketing and sales are unique professions where falling behind by a few months can set organizations back years. SMASH helps savvy strategists stay on top of the latest best practices, tools, and experts…like no other conference. You will:


  • Stay on top of the latest desires of seniors and adult children
  • Reach prospects at the right time and with the right service
  • Refine how you attract and partner with referral sources
  • Cut through the noise with a clear message that connects with your customer
  • Create a cohesive brand message for consumers, professional referrals, locally and nationally

Outmaneuver Competitors

  • Learn the vital role of emerging tools and applications - disrupt or be disrupted!
  • Develop the right mix of digital and traditional channels
  • Flex marketing and sales muscle and prove it with analytics
  • Enhance your leadership by engaging employees, creating the right strategic partnerships and drive census and occupancy

Network With Your Peers

  • Meet and greet with like-minded peers from top organizations
  • Get answers to your burning questions, hear how others are navigating similar challenges and brainstorm ideas with other innovators who "get it!"
  • SMASH is a friendly environment where senior executives come to share ideas and find solutions

And best of all? You’ll be energized by peers and experts ready to guide you to a whole new level.

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