Why Attend

SMASH: Reason to Attend

Enjoy Conference Nirvana

Up-to-the-minute actionable insights. New ideas and insights for growing census and occupancy . Forward leaning trends to help you remain competitive. Unparalleled Networking

Marketing and sales are unique professions where falling behind by a few months can set organizations back years. SMASH helps savvy marketing and sales strategists stay on top of the latest best practices, tools, and experts…like no other conference.

Network With Your Peers

  • Meet and greet with like-minded peers from top organizations
  • Get answers to your burning questions, hear how others are navigating similar challenges and brainstorm ideas with other innovators who "get it!"
  • SMASH is a friendly environment where senior executives come to share ideas and find solutions
  • Be energized by peers and experts ready to guide you to a whole new level!

Outmaneuver Competitors

  • Learn the vital role of emerging tools and applications - disrupt or be disrupted!
  • Develop the right mix of digital and traditional channels to attract and engage seniors and their caregivers
  • Flex your marketing and sales muscle and prove it with analytics to help get you the resources you need
  • Enhance your leadership by engaging employees, creating the right strategic partnerships and drive census and occupancy


  • Stay on top of the latest desires of seniors and adult children for better and more successful close ratios
  • Reach prospects at the right time and with the right service, with the right message
  • Refine how you increase attracting and partnering with referral sources
  • Cut through the noise with a clear message that connects with your customer
  • Create a cohesive brand message for consumers, professional referrals, locally and nationally


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