What’s in the box?

Jessica McCluskey, Sales Director

Plymouth Village in Redlands, CA. 

She purchased cardboard boxes and cut pieces of decorative scrapbook paper to fit. Once Jessica was satisfied with the layout, she added positive messages for each resident based on what she knew about each one. Jessica then filled each one with a roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer dispensers (she made the Plymouth Village labels herself). She added travel size tissue paper with positive messaging on it, assorted teas, hot drink condiments, individual pot serving size of coffee, dish washer soap, greeting cards with forever stamps with heart design, microwave popcorn with movie festival postcard stapled to it. And lastly she put in a mask she sewn by hand with a filter and ties. In each one Jessica hand wrote a note of encouragement and offered to help in any way she could. The boxes were designed in a way that the resident saw it as a plain cardboard box taped up. When opened they found a layered surprise.

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