True Caring Makes an Impact

Patty Murdock
Director Marketing
Villa St. Francis Assisted Living in Milwaukee WI

 For two months, I did not take any new admissions. After that point, I was restricted to one admission a week with a waiting list, and I had to rotate new admissions on each of the three floors due to quarantine measures for new residents. It was definitely a challenge and I lost some people who needed immediate placement. In the end, I somehow managed to keep the census at a good level, despite the circumstances. And we remained COVID free! I was proud to tell families that our residents were top priority and we were keeping them safe at all costs. What did I do differently? I helped with activities. We did hallway bowling with the residents. I had to sanitize the bowling balls between “throws” and ended up feeling a little woozy after using sanitizing wipes for an hour. We laughed and almost forgot about what was going on outside in the world. Then we posted pictures on Facebook and families loved seeing their loved ones laughing and having fun. We awarded the winners with certificates, and even the gutter ball winner got one! Some residents still have their certificates taped to their doors months later! I also hosted a “Name That Tune” game, complete with retro 50s/60s candy as prizes. We also came together as a team and helped with outside visits for families, as well as Skype and FaceTime. People needed to connect and we made it happen. I pitched in to help families get their loved ones moved in since they could not enter the building. I sent communications letters to our residents’ family members to keep them up to date on what was going on. They appreciated it and they told their friends. I provided tech support on resident phones that were not working because families could not come in. For staff, we provided free meals during shifts, free Lyft rides for caregivers and help with finding daycare. There’s something about a team effort. When people come together, it is amazing what we can do

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