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True Caring Makes an Impact

John Storz, Sales Director, The Terraces of Boise, a HumanGood community

John and his team have been delivering porch drop meals to prospects throughout this year, but at Easter they went full-out with a complete Easter dinner, complete with chocolate eggs, for those who might otherwise have not been able to enjoy the holiday with special foods. And by way of “going the extra mile,” John and his team did some “walk along” tours where they literally walked/jogged alongside a few prospects driving through the community campus!

More than a few hat tricks…

Patty Murdock, Director of Marketing, Villa St. Francis Assisted Living

Here are Villa St. Francis, I wear a few hats. As a department of one in a stand-alone assisted living community, I’m responsible for corporate marketing, outreach, and all the admissions. When the pandemic first hit, we went into lockdown mode, so we restricted all visitors, halted all admissions, and we canceled group activities until we could come up with a plan.

No Place they’d Rather Be…

Connie Buckwalter, Director of Marketing, Mennonite Home Communities

We are creating a video to help take the fear out of the prospect of moving to a life plan community during a pandemic. The video includes interviews with different residents – including a couple who moved in right before the pandemic. Although each person has a different story to tell, the common thread is that they felt safe, well cared for and connected. In short, they maintain that there’s no place they’d have rather been than at our community during this challenging time.


GIFTS of love

Missy Johnson, Senior Director of Marketing and Sales, Galloway Ridge, Pittsboro, NC

At the beginning of the pandemic our team was mobilized to deliver daily menus to our 300 independent living residences. We coordinated with the dining team to get the daily lunch and dinner menu out every day covering 249 apartments in our main building and 52 villas. We did this daily for over six months. For the Friday before Easter we collaborated with a local fresh cut flower farmer, Blawesome, to get 300 irises to deliver to each residence. We attached the following message: The iris brings a message of faith and hope for a better tomorrow.

Virtual Tours and Virtual Relationship Building

Stefany Reed, Marketing Director, Briarcliffe

At Briarcliffe Gardens Memory Care Assisted Living Residence, we spend a significant amount of time getting to know families with a loved one in need of our expert, compassionate care. Building the foundation of a strong, trusting relationship with mutual respect as one of the cornerstones is critical to us and to our families.

Hit Hard THis Year

Ember Nordhaus, Sales & Marketing, Sommerset Senior Living

“The first two months we spent trying to keep families calm, but after that we needed to figure out how to move forward in this new world.”  Ember quickly shifted and created virtual tours.

Ember learned how to address the fear of the moment. “In May, the biggest fear was how can you keep my loved one safe?” said Ember. “Now in October it’s more about how can they see their loved one.” Her challenge has been keeping ahead of those issues so she has learned to have more conversations over email and address the fears head on. Ember shared, “The biggest lesson has been to adapt and be willing to change.”


Normal is Nice

Kim Hummel, Sales and Marketing Executive at Eskaton Village Carmichael

Early during the pandemic, Kim Hummel and her sales team at Eskaton Village Carmichael transformed their department into the Happiness Committee to spread cheer. They did all they could to uplift their residents while making sure all residents and staff were safe. 

WIth a little help…

Christine O’Sullivan, Director of Marketing, and Francine Crnich, Marketing Associate, The Tamalpais Marin

Everyone at The Tamalpais Marin stepped in where needed throughout the pandemic. If a high risk employee needed time off, others stepped up to fill the gap. There were so many new tasks to tend to.

What’s in the box?

Jessica McCluskey, sales director at Plymouth Village in Redlands, CA.

During COVID, Jessica McCluskey took the time to make a special box for each of her residents. Here is how she did it:




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