2021 Program in Development. Check back Regularly.


2020 Post Event PPT and Recordings available to SMASH 2020 Registrants only.

To download PPT's and to access recorded presentation and/or get your Certificate of Attendance, go to the virtual event platform:

Click on My Account/Agenda, and enter your log in information. (Your registration email and the access code you received to attend the conference will be requested, but you can ask for it again on that page.)

Go to Program:  Find your session(s). If there is a PPT icon, you can download it by clicking on the icon.  If there is a recording, click on the title, and the recording will begin.

Solution Partner Information: Go to the Sponsor Menu on the SMASH Week Virtual Home Page, and click on Sponsor Directory. It will bring you to great information with videos, downloads and a link to sponsor websites.

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