Forum Rules of The Road

Thanks for joining the SMASH Community Forum

The SMASH Forum’s goal is to provide the Senior Care Sales & Marketing community with a private, easy way to have useful, honest communications between community members for ideas, insights, and inspiration.

Keeping true to the SMASH commitment to advancing the practice of senior care sales & marketing for executives from across the continuum of senior care. All content will be monitored to keep it specific to sales & marekting in senior care. We can best learn from each other through constructive and insightful conversations.

This group is focused on open dialogue, and thought leadership is welcome from every participant. We will, however, delete any discussion submissions which include direct sales pitches, links or posts to promotion of services, spam or otherwise inappropriate content. Members who repeatedly submit such links will be removed from the group.

We are grateful to have you participate in the SMASH Community Forum, and look forward to your questions, ideas, innovations, challenges and successes. 

Stay Amazing and stay safe!

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