Forum FAQ's


  • How do I post a question or comment
    • To get started, just fill out the subscription form, you will be automatically subscribed.
  • How do I set up my personal, private profile
    • On the subscription form, the lower half is your profile information. You will need to fill out your Profile before beginning the use of the forum. You will set up your password, and set up your user name that will be visible when posting to the forum, as well as any other settings that will make your use of the forum an effective, customized experience.
  • How do I flag an inappropriate comment?
    • There is a marker next to each conversation that has a "flag for inappropriate content". The conversations are moderated regularly, and this will be taken note of.
  • How do I contact someone to have a private off-line conversation?
    • All personal information is private. You can reach out directly to someone, by going to XXX and clicking on the “eye” icon. You can send a direct message to the person you wish to contact. Your/The contact can then respond once they’ve received the message. No emails or other contact information will be shared.
  • How do I get Badges and what does it mean?
    • The SMASH community wants to reward those that participate and add to the conversation with their own experience or ideas that others see as vey relevant.  It’s a great way to have fun and be a part of this important conversation.
  • Can I find information about a topic that’s already been asked?
    • Yes! There is a search function located on disucssion menu bar.  Type in a relevant, key word search term which should bring you to any prior conversations about a particular topic. Topic areas include:” Sales Management Lead Generation & Conversion SNF/Post Acute Marketing Management and Digital Forums.
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